This is one of the shadiest explanations for an investment that I’ve ever heard. I really hope @Coffeezilla, @Spencer Cornelia,@SomeOrdinaryGamers, @penguinz0 or someone in that realm can shed some light on this investment opportunity because to me it sounds like a shady scam to me and to use Onlyfans as a backdrop seems like it wouldnt get that much attention. So I hope it can get some attention from people that are experts when it comes to scams. This scumbag Onlyfans scammer wants you to invest up to $35,000 dollars. For what? I have no idea. The way he explains it is so shady, its just infuriating to watch this scumbag scammer. He touts a Onlyfans Management Company but he never mentions the name of it or any social media so you can check it out. Its so shady that instead of doing your own research, this guy wants you to call him first. I guess that way he can try and sell you on this idea instead of selling you on anything thats real.

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