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onlyfans or mcdonalds

Onlyfans Or McDonalds | Onlyfans Advice For Beginners

We always have great advice for beginners! Whether you want to start an Onlyfans or get into live shows, the cam girls at Cam Girl Diaries always have great advice for beginners and seasoned pros.

Weekly podcast interviews with adult entertainers from Onlyfans to Chaturbate | Cam Girl Tips & Advice From Experienced Cam Girls

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🎥 For Adult Performers: Learn from other webcam models as they share their experiences with us! Our interviews are designed to help teach and motivate webcam models by interviewing webcam models and cam girls who share their experiences with us. 

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Kalea Nixs Fun At The Park

Getting Dirty At The Park With Kalea Nixs

Cam girl Kalea Nixs talks about how she likes to go to the park and fornicate with herself.


On the season 1 finale we talk to amateur porn star & cam model Kalea Nixs who makes public ‘self pleasuring’ videos that I seem to be fascinated with. Imagine getting caught doing that by a rapist? We also discuss her Pornhub career as well as how to make it as a webcam model in 2021.

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