No, don’t be nervous. You Gary. I’m all right. How about you? I’m doing good. That’s honest. No, I don’t really get that. I appreciate your honesty. That’s me. I’m Mr. Honesty. Good. So far. So wait, so how long have you been like in the business? What, like one year? Exactly. One year that’s February of 2020? Yeah. Oh shit.

I thought you were a vet, then I try to appear as a pro. So that, that is the compliment. Yeah, yeah, yeah. One year, but I guess, yeah. I mean, that’s a long time. No doubt, but it seems like it’s one of I too. I do enjoy it, but it also does seem like a year two to be very honest. It is a long time, but like a long year, right?

Yeah. Yeah. For sure. One year though. I bet. So wait, so, so how did you, like, what are you on? Like what’s your main platform? Only hands, especially the word. All right. All right. So, so what got you, what got you to there? So my, my best friend actually just prompted me one day. She was like, why don’t you do it?

And I was like, you know, immediately rebutted, like, why don’t you do it? And she’s all, you know, I’m corporate. So like in conservative, like she works for her family in a corporate and conservative jobs. So like, that makes sense. And you know, I’m not that like, I’m not, so it, it, you know, after my rebuttal, I reflected back and I’m like, you know, why not?

You know? And I think I signed up that night. Like, I mean, it was just, it was kind of like inspired by her, like that little spark, like why, why not? Cause I don’t answer to anyone at that time. Like I’m unemployed at that time, like come a long way from that sometime. Um, but yeah, it was more of a why not kind of deal.

And she is the one that planted that seed in my head to just deal with. Yeah. And I, and I literally did. I went on and I verified, took my little shots of my ID that night. Like, and I sought it out like fully clothed dude, like just like posing in like squat poses, like model, fully clothed, like in my robe, I believe like, and just the hype from like dudes knowing me from high school, like knowing that I had a page or like, oh shit.

So you got like, like guys from high school. Oh, that’s hilarious. So, so, so, so, so you got guys from high school, like they’re fans of yours now. Yeah. They say, thank you. Thank you. Oh shit. That’s crazy. Yes. So you only been doing it a year, right. And what you like, you don’t start out putting shamelessly Gary.

You know, like I was going to maybe try to keep it under wraps a little bit and try to do it like anonymous, but it quick, I mean, it quickly became, you know, very, uh, I don’t care, like in that I think that’s what it takes to, to be on all the hands is like that. I don’t give a fuck. Right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I like really didn’t give a fuck.

I was like, I, you know, I’m going to pass this on my Facebook and I did. And that’s, that’s when I really blew up, actually, when I, when I posted it to like my personal, you know, sort of drink guys. Hi. So just, yeah. So just like people, you know, they’re like, oh shit. All right. I think that was a little bit of the hype.

Yeah. There was definitely like a hype flock. Yeah. Oh, that’s hilarious. Wow. Yeah. Normally people don’t do it that way. That’s a, that’s a different way to go. I highly recommend it, but I do. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, whatever works. Why not? I mean, you’re already doing it, but I mean, you don’t have to go that route at all.

You know? It does help though. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It seems to. That’s good. That’s good though. Yeah, because you’re in the top 5% of only fans you said, and yeah. I’d love to it. I fluctuate Gary, but that’s where I like to sit. And that’s where I normally am like top five or six. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah. That’s real good.

So yeah, I think I sometimes take it for granted cause it’s like that since I kind of started, but I got that initial hype flock and I D I didn’t work, man. Like I’m, I’m on Reddit. I’m on the opp platforms. Like I’m surprised where you found me actually is one of the lower key ones. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

What do you think of share some, share some doc. Good question. I think that I, I liked that a lot because I’ve, I’ve actually made it to their like popular feed or their like trending feed, like a handful of times. And it’s gotten me a lot of exposure and that’s the whole point I’m on there. Right. So, um, yeah.

Cause I, like, I found a, yeah, I guess I found it like a year ago or whatever and yeah. What a month ago. Yeah. Like, I don’t know. It seems like, like it’s really well built. Like, you know, like, cause there’s other, there’s other alternate ones, uh there’s getter, gab, uh, park there on those, I don’t think right.

This is specifically for, you know, everything to do with not just the sex industry, like anything you want to see some fucking, uh, you know, tacos and wieners and you know, everything. Yeah. Yeah, they got, yeah, they got the, uh, groups and everything. I don’t know. It’s really well-built and it’s so learning it, but I think that like, I’ve got a good handle on it already.

It makes me feel like area’s very user-friendly but traffic’s there. That’s where you found me, man. So that’s pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like specific, you know what I mean? Like  I saw one of their Twitter, um, ads. It was like, it’s like, so only don’t quote me on this, but it was like, so only fans, users didn’t have a place to advertise and now they do or something like that.

And that’s kind of true. I mean, we really don’t have a lot of places to post on that we’re technically allowed to advertise, you know, because it’s not sacred work stuff and it makes sense. But the fact that this allows it at a school. Oh, most definitely good. Like I think it’s, I think it’s perfect. Like, because it’s well built.

And for the audience that, you know, that is there, like you got, you know, you got your sex workers and any anyone that wants to see, you know, whatever, you know exactly what they’re looking. Yes. You’re looking for a flasher go to slashers, you know? Right. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Like you could say, I know you could find so many different people.

I it’s it’s it’s perfect. I think like Twitter used to, well, Twitter used to be like that, you know? Uh, but now you get your shit fucking the, um, like, I dunno, like what do you call it? A shadow band. Yeah. Yeah. They’re very nitpicky now with the sexual hashtags, which I understand it’s because they want to keep it, uh, uh, a friendly community or, or whatnot, but that place is a fucking cesspool of fucking, the worst people, man.

Indeed, indeed. It really is like, you know, like you got a, well, I hate checking my DNS from Twitter. I’m like, oh yeah. So how is that? Do you get like random Dick pics? Just like, oh God, I’m like, I can’t wait because I heard in Europe, they made that illegal. Like you can get fines now and overseas for that.

And um, they’re like working on some laws over here for that. I hear they should then who the fuck? Who wants to see an unsolicited Dick pic? I’ve never, yeah. I’ve never heard anyone say it’s like a slightly impartial, because like I’m out there posting all my shit, you know? But like, I didn’t ask for that dude, like, but that’s it, that’s the difference between like, like, you know, like males, females for that?

That’s why you saw me late. Well, no, I’m, I’m specifically looking for, you know, cam girls that are. But technically like towards those types of dudes that send the unsolicited things, it’s like, they’re the ones that are out there looking for it. So I just, they feel like since we’re putting ourselves out there that they can put themselves out there, but I guess, but it also like a lot of girls that don’t do sexual shit.

Like they’ll get Dick pics too. So. Like that guys are sick. That’s w that’s the thing guys are just fucking, you know, but yeah, you don’t, I don’t think there’s a parallel for girls with unsolicited taste. Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. I don’t know guys and girls think differently. No dude ever unsolicited. Right, exactly.

That’s a great fucking example. You know, it’s like, right. It’s like with like, you know, like school, uh, you know, teachers detailing kids, like when a male teacher diddles a girl he’s, he’s fucking dead, but if a girl, but if a girl teacher diddles a boy, nice. Yeah, right. Like shit’s fucking tall. Thank you.

Thank you. Less nervous. Oh yeah. There’s nothing first podcast due. Like I had been wanting to do one a lot and I’m glad that we found each other. Just that school. Yeah. It’s, it’s fun. You know, like, like, cause a lot of people, you know, like a lot of, uh, other cam girls, like they say like, cause like, you know, like where do you get advice or tips or like, you know, like what are other people’s experiences?

Or like, what am I getting myself into that types of things? You know, I find all of it. Interesting. Like the whole thing. Yeah. You just gotta keep looking, you know? Well again, so like what do you think? Like, like yeah, like you put a lot of time into like promoting and stuff too. Yes, I do like, uh, most of my time actually, like, cause that’s the easiest thing to do when I’m on my job.

Just so my phone, how can I lose myself? Where can I lose myself? Um, it’s mostly like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat is a big one. Um, those are my main ones, but like I run out like, there’s that life as well. Have you heard of that? Oh yeah. Yeah. I’m on there. Yeah. I mean, so, and that’s kind of like shares thumb.

Um, but those are basically like it, you know, like that’s literally like my, those are my platforms that I use to advertise on and that’s it. It’s not a lot, like, you know, Yeah, but also like rules and I mean, there’s also Instagram. They have all like all the different rules and stuff, like have to play your cards right.

On each one to, to get the maximum effect. It’s kind of a science to it. Yeah. There definitely is like, it’s, it’s, it’s so tough. It’s so tough, you know, like, yeah, you got like, you know, your Reddit, uh, you know, your, your sobriety and everything, which can be good. I guess. I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, yeah.

Cause like I’ll scope through and just to like, like see what’s going on. Like, I dunno. I can’t tell you. Like, you know, like, would it be like, I, you could tell like, of course for like the top ones that already have followings and you know, they bring them over to read it. Of course they’re just going right to the top.

Like if you’re new, I don’t know. Yeah. You can give to build your karma. You have to, you have to. Yeah. Like I recently got hacked on Reddit. I had a really, really big clouded, uh, account on there and I didn’t have a backup email address. And this is where the issue like they, like their bus stops, um, at that like is all they can do for you is send you a reset password email.

And so if you don’t have a backup email, like I literally almost cried when it happened. Like, you know, out over a hundred K karma. Like I know a lot of people don’t even know what that means. It was a lot. Yeah, that’s a lot. And then, you know, I, I was verified in a lot and I can post there and like now I’m still, actually in the process was my new account of like building it up to where I can get this certain amount of comment karma so that I can post here and do this and do that because there’s a whole other science to read it as well.

Like I think science read it actually like, oh man. Yeah, yeah. Oh, I fucking get it. Fucking done. Demoralizing. Yeah. It took me a minute to even accept that I had to just create a new account. Just this hard to start out on Reddit. It’s brutal. That’s a real community. They’re full of trolls and, but yeah.

Yeah. And I guess, yeah, yeah. Starting out again. It’s the word. So it can be conduced and that’s why it was worth it. I would say. Oh yeah. Most definitely. Cause you never know, man. Like you have to put in the time you got to put in the time, that’s it, you know, viral post is like literally all it takes that’s my biggest goal lately is to just go viral somewhere Twitter, but it, um, take talk.

Yeah. Cause like, you know, like everyone thinks like, I don’t know. I don’t know what everyone thinks, but like you, you see a lot of people, like they just think, you know, uh, I don’t know. You should just like fucking pop off right away. You know what I mean? And that’s not how it is. Like some people get lucky, there’s the 0.0, zero 1% that get lucky with a post and it just go, it just takes off from there.

This and that. You know what I mean? Like, it was a matter of luck. It has a lot of outlook. That’s right. That’s, that’s the luck part, you know, like, Hmm. You can put as much as you want into it and everything, but there’s still that matter of luck. Oh, most definitely. Yeah. Like the majority of people are putting in the fucking time and effort and shit.

Yeah. Yeah. You’re right. Yeah, absolutely. You know. Okay. I see a lot of talent on Tik TOK, man, like scrolled for like Tik TOK is that shit is bad. How many hours do you spend on. I had to, I have some control. It can be a lot. It can be a lot. Okay. Do you ever hate yourself for scrolling through Tik TOK?

Like, I literally have to limit myself before I even get on I’m like, Ashley, I can’t do this right now because sometimes hours, if I could do it, like, you know, if I’m trying to go to bed, there’s nothing I’m like, I want to, but I just, that I’ll be on the next five hours. Like just finger fucking tape topically.

Yes. Yes. Do, do you see now they have the, they have the, uh, the ads of, well, you’ve been on here quite a bit. Your, you should get. They even put stuff in your feed, like suggesting like soft scrolling, there’s a stat. And I’m like, okay, what does that tell you? What does that tell you? Tick tock, tick tock is so addicting and they know it and they don’t, you know, whatever, man.

It’s all about the money. Yeah. It’s all about the money. Yeah. How much time do you spend scrolling? I don’t even want to say cause it’s dude, like how many, like yeah, you, you just sit there, fucking scrolling and I’ll, I’ll say to myself, I’m like, all right. All right. Just like five more and then, you know, yeah.

One more. It’s always one more. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, who thinks like that too? Drug ads? Yes. Cam gamblers. Yes. Anyone that’s addicted to things that are bad, you know, are just, just one more fucking role, you know, you know, just one more, just one more, one more hand, one more tick tock. I want to speak on cam girling.

Um, I hadn’t been on chatter bait in a while, but I did go on right before our cast. Cause you know, I was like all extra early and stuff, but um, I got no soap pins on this past and like that’s exactly how chatter bait is. It’s like hit or miss and that’s what makes me like want to do it and also not wanting to do it.

Yeah. Yeah. Almost definitely. I don’t know. I’m a fucking, I’m a big fan chatter bait. I think chatter bait can be really good if you utilize it correctly. I think so. So that’s what I’m saying. It’s like super good. Or mess, like it’s like, or it can be feeling good or you can just be like, Ugh, why am I doing this?

Absolutely. Yeah. Cause I was talking to, uh, uh, dripping what goddess from a chatter bait and yeah. She’s yeah. Like she’s, you know, she, of course she says she’s, you know, like new to it and everything, but she got about what 75,000 followers, which is wow. Yeah. That’s that’s good. You know what I mean? That’s yeah, that’s fucking good, man.

But like, you know, like the, the effort you have to put into it and the consistency and all that bull, you know, but yeah, it’s fucking, yeah. And then fully committed to that. And then I kind of just do it when I feel like it, like when it’s convenient for me, you know? Right. Yeah. Yeah. I think I definitely find that on weekend nights it’s like way more hitting, but obviously.

Well, baby, that is not obvious, but I mean, that’s like the most traffic, like a double the rate. And like, if I go on on a Tuesday morning when it’s convenient for me, it’s not going to get it as great as like a Friday. Mm. Probably got a lot of like, yeah. Like on a Tuesday morning or some shit, you probably got a lot of Indians and you know them, the bobbin, Virginia guys, they just want, yeah.

They just want the, yeah. They just want the free show. You know? They’re not, they’re not. Yeah. Yeah. It’s fucking, but yeah. I don’t know, man. I’m a big fan of chatter bait. I think. I don’t know, like, yeah. Some of it’s luck. Cause like there’s what like fucking like 9,000 pages of girls and shit. Like there’s a lot.

I don’t know. I like the whole concept. I just there’s so much that goes into it too. Like the bot and stuff. I have no idea how that works. Like. There’s just a lie or that you get little things that go into it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I got to talk to someone that can fucking like break it. I think a sh dripping what God is, can break it down.

Kind of, I don’t know. We didn’t get into it. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck it. I, yeah. I was going to say, I’d like to connect you guys maybe cause, you know, cause she’s into like helping, you know what I mean? Like know. Yeah, yeah. And plus, you know, maybe fucking do you know those? Cause she says you could do, uh we’re we’re I’m supposed to do with her.

Uh, you know, what is that like? A fucking split-screen. Right. Yeah. Cause you could do, I didn’t even know you could do that on chair bay. That’s that’s fucking, I didn’t need there. I know you can see it on only fans though. Oh, you can. Yeah. It’s just that for some reason, like, okay. So only can’t see, it’s a lot of like traffic period, but like for there, for me personally, and my friends tell me that are also out on only fans, the traffic for the live shows are just like, not as not there.

Yeah. I could see that. That’s why I just had her date is because like, if I want to go by, I’m not, I’m going to get like four viewers on only fans, even though I have a thousand cats. Like it’s just not, it doesn’t seem. Yeah. Yeah. Only fan. I’m glad you said that. Cause uh, only like, I don’t know the way that set up, like the way I, I don’t know.

I never get a views on my live shows there. It’s weird. Yeah. I wouldn’t promote them. You know, I’ll, I’ll get those viewers, like, it’ll be like a couple of handfuls of people and then loads like actual religious traffic. He’s like, I don’t know. I think it’s because they don’t have a discoverability, right?

Yeah. I was going to say they don’t have like a front page or anything. It’s just like your, they deal. I used to schedule it and post now you can post your scheduled live show, but that’s it. I mean, it doesn’t get the hit and I don’t. Yeah. Unless you have like, you know, like hundreds of thousands of, uh, uh, subscribers.

I don’t see that as being anything really. Yeah. Cause like I, I looked through and it’s like, I don’t know. It’s even like, I think Twitter’s interface sucks. Only fans is even worse. I don’t know. Just their interface. It just doesn’t seem that’s live shows. I do around chapter date, like virtual. Yeah. You got to get, make sure you get.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, perfect. All right. Yeah. Yeah. I need all your life. I got to get all your links to and mostly O and G H bomb everywhere. That’s good. Yeah. Branding. That’s good. Right? Like if you can catch everything, you know, like you’re fucking like the one name, that’s it. On every platform. I tried to tell my girls that too, like, let’s start out.

I like make it all of your handles the same. It just makes it easier, so much easier. That’s all you get. And plus, if, you know, if anyone tries to, you know, like Google you or anything, like it’s there, you just pop up, you know what I mean? Cause that’s the only, the only thing that’s out there is your stuff.

So it’s perfect. But yeah, it’s fucking. You’re so cool. I feel like I could talk to you forever, man. Ah, yeah, man, fucking it. This is, yeah. I fucking love doing this shit, man. It’s fucking fun. You know? Um, you do a good job. I watched a couple of your bibs dripping like that. This one was my favorite. Yeah, she was awesome.

We fucking, it was going to be my new bestie. Yeah. Yeah man. She’s fucking, she got a lot of knowledge and shit. Yeah. It’s crazy. Like, yeah. I don’t know, man. Like, like you definitely should fucking keep a chair bait. Like, well, They should give me a fucking, uh, uh, a sponsorship or something. Cause I fucking love that

shit. I don’t know nothing about that. They’re like you, like some of them checking a moderator, like how am I? Yeah. Like, like when you, cause you’re, you’re, you’re real new to it, right? Yes, I am. Definitely. Yeah. So like how many people do you, I don’t know, like average would you think is in your room at a time?

Well, about a hundred. See, that’s out of hand. Like that’s a lot of fucking people. Like, I mean they, yeah, they, um, I’ve probably had more than that too, and yeah. And that’s crazy for being a new person on there. Right. I don’t have any cloud or anything. I just, uh, verify myself, you know, age wise. Um, with my gate through some shots and their verification process.

And that’s it, it’s kind of like the chick FAQ would be like, not really, but like, you know, that’s all you have to do. Yeah. And then, I mean, their algorithm is like to take that kind of, that’s what I’m saying. Like, you don’t have to have that cloud or that following to be like, you know, get that traffic, right.

Those views. Yeah. Yeah. Like you see something. Yeah. Cause even on like the, like the, was that the, like when you first go to it, what’s at the feature, I guess that’s just the featured page, right? Like what I call it. Yeah. You’ll see a mix of everything. Yeah. That’s like, I mean, if that person could have signed up that day and gotten just verified.

Yeah. That’s what that’s about it. That’s the cool part is that’s how I get so many views on that. That’s why I do it. It’s just because of been traffic, like I’m wondering. Yeah. I wonder like, do you, I don’t know if you know, but like how, like what’s there, like what’s the criteria like, cause cause sometimes like you’ll see someone with like 6,000 people in and, you know, 600 and like it’s, it’s all over the place.

Like I wonder if it’s like, you know, like people that are, uh, you know, using tokens or cause it’s definitely not how many people are in your room. It’s definitely not. But the spending, it could definitely have to do with the spending that probably has a lot to do with that. Actually. I’m not sure. Yeah. I wonder man.

Cause it’s probably that’s that might be a big part of it, but there’s gotta be other factors too.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like how are they directing it? There it’s a lot of questions, man. Whoever came well, whoever can crack that code is going to be on, is going to be number one all the time. You know what I mean? Someone who gives us the chatter date. Shit. Yeah. That’d be fucking mom bells for real man. Cause it’s not just like, um, there is something to it though.

Yeah. I mean, there there’s like, no. Yeah, there has to be put you up there. I mean, it’s, it’s, it depends on that. The token, maybe how many people are actually viewing you, maybe like gotta be, yeah. Gotta be the quality of your, your, uh, you know, your cam. Cause I know they got what like four K they got 4k 60 frames per second, right?

Yes. Like that shit is crazy. That shit look. Yeah. Yeah. Like, yeah. I figured go on there for free and watch that. That’s good. Yeah. Cause you got late. Yeah. Cause I just recently saw that they got that now, but yeah, like the quality, like, cause I cause like 10 80 P or whatever, like I see something on 10, you know, that’s 10:00 PM.

That’s fucking good enough. You know, but 4k 60 frames per minute when you’re, when you’re looking at it, you know, fucking tacos and shit. That makes a difference. You could see everything. Tacos, tacos, you know, tacos and titties man. Yeah. Yeah. I just call them all tacos, you know like roast beef sandwich or something.

Maybe some chatter y’all I hope not. No cheddar. Nah, man. I don’t like cheese. Oh man. I don’t know. I, I like to know, man. I think I like to think I’m a lactose intolerant, but I’m not, but I like to pretend I am. So you feel like you are? Yeah. Cause I don’t like cheese, so I just, so that’s why I go with all right then.

That’s except little Ali dollars. Chase toy. I bet you will. I don’t like pickles really at all. I like sweet pickles. Hmm. What about peppers? Like where are you at with Catherines? You like you like hot peppers. What about sweethearts? Yeah. I like everything is stuff. That’s still fucking pig bull, man. Yeah.

Yeah. I understand. But I love pickles, but I get it. That vinegar you tastes. Yeah. It’s a fucking, it says do it. You cannot, I like cute cucumbers and I like relish, but it’s just not a deal. Big old man. Yeah. Usually Cuca. I love cucumbers, but like there, when you really think about cucumbers really don’t have a taste.

You know what I mean? Like there’s really, it’s kind of like, they taste just like a water. Yeah. If you dip a cucumber in sugar, it will seems to just like a watermelon fun fact. I tried it too. It’s true. That’s interesting. It’s weird. And it’s true. Yeah. Yeah. I’m a big fan. I’m trying to think. I’m like, dude, I’m trying to think.

All right. Fuck it. Cause like, you know, like border melons and, uh, and cucumbers. I have that same little tiny citrus taste. Yeah. During the same family, maybe. I don’t know. I’m not a, what is it? A botanist ’cause once you dip it in sugar, it’s like the same identical space. So odd. And like people put like salt on, uh, on tomatoes and shit.

Oh yeah. I definitely do that. If I have to eat the tomato, you better assaulted up. So you’ll eat a whole tomato. Well, we grow them in our garden, so yeah, they’re fresh as fuck. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. I get. Yeah, we have a veggie garden and it’s nothing like humble garden. Okay. But they are red and juicy and delicious.

Like you could eat our tomatoes like Navajo man. Ah, man, that could be a metaphor. Yeah. That’s dramatic. Okay. That’s good. Everybody loves dramatics. Who does it? Hey, are that good? Yeah. Yeah. Do you guys, do you grow any like retarded ones? Like what do you do with them? Do you just throw them away because they’re retarded or do you use them?

Cause they’re just tomatoes we’ll will eat those. Um, no, no, you don’t eat the retarded ones.

I don’t know. I didn’t know if you’re pretentious or not, you know, probably like, you know, like,  that, you know, it’s like, if I fuck up for Friday, I’m sinking. Right. All right. All right. That’s good. That’s good. You know, some people are wasteful, I guess. Yeah. Well he even, like, we just started doing it this year, but we’re not composting.

I was just going to ask her and we just started doing it. It actually makes me feel like a lot better. Not running the wasted. We don’t throw away like bananas or anything anymore. Like nothing like banana peels will go in the compost, you know? Yeah. I remember. Yeah. I remember when I was little, my grandfather had a compost thing in the back and like, I never understood.

Yeah. It was like, what the fuck? You, you throw all these shit in here with dirt. Like what’s the point? Nobody. Yeah. Nobody ever told me like, what the fuck they were like, what’s compost. I was like, what the fuck is, this is stupid. I’m still not sure, but it’s fucking, it’s not wasteful. Yeah. Yeah, man. That’s good.

It makes fucking good tomatoes. Apparently it actually does. Yeah. It’s good. Good peppers and blueberries. And we actually grew up, I have all, we have a set our first up in Virginia. Yeah, really? It was in a hot, oh shit that never occurred to me that you could do that. We just tried it. We tried it and it works.

Oh shit. That’s awesome. That was our second or third or fourth. Try. Truly. I’m not even kidding you. It was like, or several attempts. We tried to do it and we actually hit it. Oh my God. It was so juicy. Oh, it’s maybe, oh man, you should eat some of this fucking fruit and shit on a, your chair bait show. Show your audience, your fucking, your, your garden and shit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, that’s a great idea. It’s it’s coming up on that season then. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, you can. Yeah. Yeah. Now would you like, like what would you wear while you do that? I was there something like this. Oh, all right. All right. Is that appropriate for, you know, your backyard? Um, well, uh, maybe I’ll put a rubber cover up on

here, like a little like a bathing suit cover up, you know? Right, right. Yeah. Because now it’s not, it’s not appropriate. I live in the suburbs. That’s good. That’s good. So, you know, you just show a little song for the camera every now and then, you know, bending over. I’ve been learning to take shots in my yard, man.

I have not a lot of shame. Oh yeah. Yeah.

But I also like, um, I have couth as well. Like I’m not going to be like,

I do some nanny jobs for kids around the neighborhood and I have a son myself and nine in the week. Crazy. Like, I mean, I am going to be crazy. I’m not okay. Right, right. Yeah. Some people might have a problem with that. Yeah. Yeah. Some people crazy are going to be crazy, like straight up, but I was just not going to be cool.

How many we cool. Yeah. You have to be man. People are fucking snowflakes and shit, you know, can’t fuck with that shit. Shit’s no fun. People just don’t know how to have fun. I know. And then like a song about right. I mean, even me, I forget, you know, I forget, you know, it’s like, fuck man, next thing you know, you’re fucking, you know, 65 and you have reminders.

You want to fucking kill. And we don’t want to be that guy. You’re not going to yeah, ill man. I don’t want, you know, I can’t even think about getting the fuck it, you know, like you go to a restaurant or some shit and they’re like, oh, would you like to senior citizens discount? I’m fucking stabbing someone.

They say that to me. I swear to God, you know, I was like, yes, please. Fuck you. Oh man. Oh no. That’s why I love when I get ID. Like some bitches get offended. Like I’m like, that’s you need to be flattered. Yes. Yes. Every time I get carded for cigarettes and they’re like, you know, they, and they always get they’re like, I need to see your ID.

I’m like, oh, absolutely. Yeah. Hickey.

Yeah. That’s not a fucking bad thing. I guess if I have it ready for them, actually I’m like is no, man. I know you got to worry the day that you stopped getting fucking carded, you know? And then it’s like, ah, shit. That’s when I get a little pissed, that’s what I get a little chat. It’s like, okay, why didn’t I get ID three times in a row?


wait a minute, wait a minute. It says right here. Oh my God. See what the fuck, man, fucking, that’s why I contemplated bangs, but I won’t do it here. I won’t got to it. Not a big fan of bangs. I mean, I don’t think everybody is. Are, are they. I, I, some people are, I don’t know, like I’m trying to think off the top of my head, like, cause I’m not, I’m not a fan of bangs either.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s something. Yeah. Cause I’m trying to think like there has to be because when people just stopped doing it. Yeah. It’s always like a thing, but it’s like a, kind of like an art, like an inside joke. Like, can you do bags? Like going through some shit? I didn’t realize he like, on-water something he got bangs, like something drastic has happened.

No. Hmm. Yeah. It’s funny you say that the F w once my, my ex-wife got bangs, then shit started going haywire. So yeah, that makes sense. I never thought about that shit with the legs. Come about like steering away. Yeah. Don’t get bangs to bad things happen. That’s been my experience. We all need reminders.

Yeah. Shit.

That’s not good. Right. For the pains. Yeah. I’m still trying to go through my head and thinking. I’m trying to think that who who’s hot with bangs. Yeah. I’m actually trying to like, maybe like Kiersten danced. I don’t know. Um, yeah, no, she’s from Jersey. So I’m biased. Um, I don’t know, like I can only think of the girl from Scooby dooby doo right now.

Velma. That fucking she has bags. Is she hot? Yeah, she kind of, yeah. Yeah. Wait, wait, Velma. The lesbian, the lesbian, the lesbian and the orange shirt is the purple sweater. Oh, the hot, the hot one. Yeah. I forgot her name was Delma. Yeah. I thought that who’s the lesbian what’s Velma Velma. Velma is the hot one.

He waited. I don’t think bone was the high one. You’re thinking of the lesbian. That’s Belmont. Yeah, the lesbians Velma. Who’s the one in purple. Purple. Yeah. The one in purple. Yeah. I don’t know what the hotline I know who you’re talking about with the long.

The lesbian, Google, wait, you like, you like Velma the lesbian. I was just trying to come up with an example of it was heartless. That’s a horrible example. She’s not

bad thing. Nah, I just say, nah, nah, I got a problem with her. Cause like she, I don’t know. I always hate like when I was a kid I watched Scooby doo. I always hated her for some reason. She always like, I don’t know. She seemed like, like she, yeah, she always like, no, no. She’s like a Debbie downer. I just, I don’t know.

She just irked. Yeah, I do too serious. Yeah. She just, no, no. She deserved me near stupid outfit. I just saw us like, fuck, like what I’m watching on TV right now inside of it. Uh, on games. What can you see it? What the fuck is going on? What that Megan? The stallion. And what the fuck? It’s Megan, thee stallion.

You just had to share that with you. That’s all my that’s absurd. I’m ratchet.

oh, sorry, dad. All. What the fuck, man?

No, man. Nah. Hey, I’m all about the nineties. Nineties are the best man. Yeah, man, fucking Tupac and shit. West side, fucking, you know, like. Like we’re east coast, but I’m all about west coast for some reason saying mind, like, I love Wu Tang and everything, but like, I was always like west coast, like west side.

Yeah, bitch. But like, I love Wu-Tang that’s your shit. Yeah. I love Wu Tang and fucking even biggie. But I don’t know. I think I might just be a little retarded. I think sometimes I really like that about myself. And then I’m like, would anybody actually tell me if I was I’m like, people want to tell you like, oh man, you have those thoughts too.

Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Sometimes I used to, I used to think about that then I was like, you know what? Fuck it. Who cares? Yes. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe y’all are tired. Maybe they retarded, buried. Oh yeah. If they fuck it. That’s what I mean. That’s what I mean, like, you know, like if they think I fucking retired, then why they all sweating my nuts.

Right. So if I’m retarded, that makes them even more fucking retarded. 100%. Exactly. So they’re fucked up. Not me. I have a confession, a confession. All right. That’s a little baby one. Oh, what? Um, I like brown eyes, like, like real brown or like, yeah. Or like fake brown, real brown eyes. Like really, really brown or greenish brown LA.

Um, Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. I have a thing for it. Yeah. Yeah. Ah, that’s good. That’s good. I’m colorblind. So I, I can’t, I don’t know what, I don’t know what colors really, you know, like it doesn’t matter. Cause I like, I think I got black eyes and black hair. I’m not sure. Yeah. I sleep pretty brown. Wow.

Emily Brown, black. Maybe they applied. I don’t know. I don’t know, man. I can’t tell shades. So, so I really can’t. I don’t fucking know, man. I have green eyes on my witch. Yeah. See, why is that? Is that a witch thing? Do witches have green? It is. I know now that you said it, you’re kind of looking witchy to me.

Oh, no, no, I don’t remember if I’m in which I’m a good way though. Yeah. Yeah. I wasn’t thinking like, one of them like evil ones with like broomsticks and shit, you know, just like witching, you know? Like, not that, no. Yeah, exactly. Like, like who’s that one? Girl’s Sabrina, the teenage witch. Like her. Right? She was probably cool though.

She wasn’t like evil. Was she? Nah, nah, nah. She was just a witch. Yeah. I’ll be Sabrina. Yeah. Good. You look like a Sabrina now. Yeah. Cause like C, which has got a bad name, I think at some point and one sentence. Cause one Sabrina, the teenage witch came out, then everyone started saying, oh, which is they don’t all have to be bad.

Yeah. They can be cool. Yeah. Oh, no, I’m thinking of some Janie. Nevermind. I got confused with Janie. So that’s kind of what you do, you know, contribute to uni. Yeah. I’m not, I’m not familiar with how all that stuff works, but yeah. Genie genie’s in witches are, I think are in the same, like, you know, area, not in the seen realm, but area, area.

Yeah. Cause you know, like genies are, uh, you know, they’re doing some fucking magic and shit for something. Right. That’s what witches do, which is do that kind of shit. Right. I’m not familiar with which stuff. Yeah. Me there’ll be there really, but it’s interesting, Harry, there I’ll eat. Oh no, they’re definitely not all evil Sabrina.

The teenage witch proved that that’s the, yeah, that’s the only proof I have because I don’t know any other, you know, which things. Yeah, not fun. Are you going to say, oh shit. I forget me too. Well, I didn’t know what year. Yeah. I don’t fucking know. No, it was I’m sure it was really something intellectual.

Well, it probably was. Oh, absolutely. You know? Cause I’m all about that intellectual shit. All of course. Yeah. All about that intellectual shit, you know, witches and fucking Delma. Anyways. I think we should give it the five minute warnings because I didn’t get to go to dinners. Oh yeah. So are you going on to know like, what’s your like, cause uh, like right now it’s, it’s about 11 o’clock.

It’s about 11 o’clock on a Friday. So like what, like normally what would you be doing at this point? I would say I was on right before we went on, but it wasn’t like popping, you know, it was one of the messes, like it. And not that it usually is now. I didn’t mean it like that, but it, I meant like it’s usually hit or very, very hit or miss.

Right, right. Yes. But like right. When you go on, like you either know, do like, is that how it works? Like you either know, or pretty much, I mean, within like 10 minutes, at least, like, if nothing’s happening, I mean, you get, you get those hundred viewers and then it’s like, we’re just sitting there or we’re, we’re talking maybe at best.

And then if there’s no token showing, it’s like, they’re not going to, they’re not really coming and I’ll try to encourage, and I’ll give like a little warning. I’m like, blah, blah. Um, and nothing happens then it’s like, okay, you, you know? Yeah. You know, Right, right. Oh yeah. So that’s good. At least Lisa, you don’t waste your time.

You go fucking make some only fan videos or some shit. Right. Let’s do something else. And that’s exactly right. And it’s like, yeah, sometimes it can just be popping off with Austra jumped to, and like people will pay for private messages and pay like a certain amount per minute, which is ridiculous. And that’s really fun too.

What’s your, so what’s your favorite thing to do? Like, uh, is there a certain type of like, get like with, you know, whether it’s chatter, bait, only fans? Like, do you have a specific, I don’t know, thing you like or. My parents thing to do is to just like, take really provocative teaser type photos. So like the ones I do kind of like Lord of the people in, you know what I mean?

Like the type of photos that I can post on Facebook or that it, like all my people can say and just make me look really good. And like, I liked that whole process of being creative, taking those photos, editing those photos and posting those veterans and seeing the reaction to those photos. Like, that’s my favorite thing.

Oh, so you’re fucking teas. Yeah. Good to know. Good to

aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. These are too again. No, no, no, not that that’s a bad thing. That’s not bad thing at all. I, I, I do. I think, I think you’re right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s not a bad thing at all. That’s part of my mother teeth again. That’s like, yeah, I know fucking neck that there’s a whole fucking audience for that kind of shit.

You know? Like, Hey, you don’t even have to, like, you probably have some of those customers where you don’t even have to show anything and fucking, you know. Yeah. It’s true. It’s true. Yeah. You got everything out there. All kinds of sickos. Not that they’re all sick. I’m not saying they’re all sick, you know?

Oh, we are in our own way. That’s how I would. I’m not a doctor either. And like, yeah, yeah, except that there, but I’m more so probably sick of those on the nod. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. Yeah. It’s all good. You know, just, you know, none of them, uh, you know, Scott lovers. God. Nah. Okay. I swear. I had a Google that had a good little moment.

Oh no. Someone asked you to do that. Oh yeah, definitely. I didn’t take it there, but I have sold Bart videos and I really thoroughly enjoyed that. I even faked the fart noise myself. I was just like, imagine show my mouth. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So what do you do? You, you show your butt and just make a noise. Yeah.

Why do guys like that? I don’t, that’s called Dom really sounds like a pun or some shit. Fuck. Oh my God guys are sick. Uh, like that’s not even, that’s not even bad. We got off on seeing like really pretty girl sparring, you know, it turns them off. It’s kind of like fucking like, oh my God, that’s disgusting.

That’s it’s just weird. Like, love you pay your bread. Yeah. That’s just weird. I don’t know, man. People it’s only happened to me a few times and I’ve sold those videos, but like, I, I kinda liked it cause I was like, it’s definitely weird. So wait, did you like it? Because like, you know, Holy shit. This is easy money or like yeah.

All of it. All of the reasons is why I liked it. No shit. All right. I think thoughts are funny. Like what everybody fights. Yeah. He just thinks I’m beautiful. Art is. And the fact that he would pay me to that, like all of those reasons, I love that. I enjoyed that. I couldn’t come up with a fart on command, so I kind of, you know, I faked my heart, but I still enjoyed it, man.

There’s nothing worse. Oh my God. Well, of course, but yeah, that’s good, but there’s nothing worse than a girl faking a fart. Oh, this is so disappointing. So disappointed secrets. Oh my God. I’m telling you, um, uh, nothing worse than a girl. Yeah. Oh, this is such a let down. Well, I try to make it like a cute one too.

Like, oh, that’s good. Yeah. Do they like, oh, I wonder if guys like that kind of like, do they like wet, disgusting ones or do they like little cute ones or cute one. Okay. Ah, yeah. That’s yeah. If you’re going to take your fine. Yeah. Make sure it’s cute. Yeah. Who wants to Ugh, nasty, wet one. Oh my God. This is horrible.

Great. So we’re going to leave it at that then. Fucking, we could stitch this out. Oh my God. I, I’m not a big fan of, I mean, farts are funny, but I don’t know, just the whole, you know, poop shoot thing. Tickets. Well, you brought up scat, man, you know? Yeah. Cause like that’s the worst thing to me. Oh yeah. Pretty much it, yeah.

Cause I, I haven’t burned into my mind that I, I seen a picture of this guy with like, you know, stuff all over his face and hands and like, he was just covered in it and like I’m traumatized from that. And I just seen it like last year you got cute fake farts. Right? Cute. Ah, now we got to hear that. Listen, you got to fuck it and start doing the real thing we got to see what kind of real thing you’re no, we don’t have to do it right now.

Yeah. You see that’s. Oh, thank God. See, that was good. But yeah, if a fart comes out, I don’t know if it’s cute. Oh yeah. Like if it’s cute, that’s like, oh, that’s cute. But if it’s did you have done? If I give my fake partner, you would have bought it. You would have bought it. You heard the mic. Yeah. Cause I see.

But, and you know, that assumption, you know, great. Now, now I’m going to be thinking about farts and shit. God. Well, this question for you, what do you know who Scarlet Johansen’s husband is?

Yeah. Good job. Yeah. All good. Good. Well, that’s the only reason why. Oh, he’s fucking funny. I love him, man. He’s he’s really? Yeah. I love weekend update. Like that’s the only thing I watch on stuff. I look yeah, fucking Michael Che and Colin Jones. Both of them are fucking great, but it really is. They’re fucking they’re really?

I don’t know. I really like, um, people. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re real good. I like them. You went to Harvard, you know, calling Joseph that’s right? Yeah. He’s a fucking, he’s one of them. He’s like, you know, he’s, he’s one of those. Yeah. He’s one of those. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is, oh yeah, it’s fine. It’s 20, 22 for say it’s legal in Virginia.

No shit. Yes. Recreational really AMA this. No, out of all the fucking places to be legal recreationally, Virginia fucking Bob. And uh, like, yes, goosey. It started in DC and now it’s here. I realize that that’s crazy. That’s good. That’s where I live in Pennsylvania. Oh, wow. Yeah. It’s not legal then medical, medically, but not recreational.

Yeah. You mean you can like smoke weed in your car at seven loans in several of the parking lot. Now you didn’t have a whole gram to your personal self now that’s fucking nuts. I mean, it’s good. That’s what, like everywhere, obviously everywhere that’s going to happen everywhere now, you know? And it is of all places like Virginia.

Yeah. Cause like state-by-state of course, but yeah, I thought like, and I never thought I would even see it in my lifetime. So you’d be give Virginia be one of the last ones, you know, I’m from here. And I never thought in my mind, when I saw it in DC happened, I was like, wow. And then get like, you know, it was Colorado, then it’s DC.

And then it was like, then it’s here. Um, as of last year. Wow. That’s crazy. I didn’t even know that. Yeah. Cause like in Maine it’s recreation. That’s another one main, fuck, they got moose. They got fucking, yeah, they got moose up there. What the fuck? Like, you know, I’m allowed to smoke me now. It’s crazy. She can’t like be like walking around with it, but I mean, you could be in your like car, you can be, you can have it.

And it’s decriminalized. Like they can’t, you know, it’s like cigarettes, you can, you can grow up to like something like eight plants seems like a lot. Yeah, it is. That’s true. Yeah. That’s good. Yeah. I think that’s, that’s good. Yeah, it might be four, but it’s like four to eight plants you can grow. It’s still four and then get pretty decent fucking yield out of that.

Right. I’m not a fucking botanist. So. I’ve been trying to grow it and I can’t get them to, uh, Germany. See it’s oh, fuck. Isn’t it? Yeah. Like isn’t a whole fucking, like, you got to have all these fucking chemicals, this and that. It’s like a big deal. Yeah. It’s very, it’s not. Yeah, it’s very, very, um, easier said than done, like, right.

Like back in the seventies, you could just fucking, you know, you just stick them in a pot and, uh, you know, you grow fucking weed and bigly band, but now you’ve got to have all these chemicals, this and this, and I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to get my seed to just bloom a little leaf. Like, I don’t know how to get it to do that and have haven’t try.

And like I tried the Stanford style method, tried, uh, hydroponically, just it with throwing it in glass of water. Um, I can’t just get it to just sprout, you know, that’s the hardest part. Once you get that green sprout, you pretty much just need to nurture it and it April grow, but that’s the hardest part.

Wow. Yeah. I don’t know. I guess you need those chemicals. Yeah. There’s several different methods. Oh, maybe that’s it. Cause like back in the day, like in the seventies, I heard people saying like, you know, like they didn’t use any chemicals, they just fucking grew this shit. Right. Well, right. But back then, you didn’t have to, you know what I mean?

Of course it’s a lot less potent, this and that, but now I think the seeds and like, everything is so fucking, like, you know, uh, what do you say? Like, it’s fucking like, uh, you know, like evolve that you need specific. Like, if you want to even get a seed now to fucking grow, like you gotta have all these certain chemicals fucking getting in that seed, you know?

Yeah. My friends want me to, to get like little Moss pads, like little grass pads, like kind of like it, you know, but like, yeah. Wow. Ah, shit. No, no, like Amazon and I’m like, man, did I tried like everything else? I not like super concerned about it, but it sure would be nice to grow my own. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Your tomatoes that, yeah.

Your tomatoes that you’re going to fucking show on chatter bait and shit. Yeah. Our literal neighbors have been growing weeds next to their tomatoes since before it was legal here a year ago, which I find hilarious. Cause like the leaves on tomato plants and we are kind of similar actually. Like they kind of blend in together for real.

Like they’re kind of both kind of like wicked pointing, looking leads. Okay. Oh shit. I wonder if you could get like THC into tomato, something.

Oh, man, I’m going to have to Google that one. Cause I’m curious now, can you fucking put that shit? No, I guess that people would’ve already done that. Right. NATO days use it. Things like even a squash would be better squash. That’s so random. A squash player. How about a carrot? Yeah. Yeah. Carrots are good for you too.

Like, are you on that? A carrot? Yeah. Yeah. Put a carrot. I like your accent on carrots. Uh, you’re going to start cracking on my fucking accent now. No, I said no. See, cause I’m from Jersey. So like I still got my Jersey accent. I get hi Karen. Wait, how do you say carrot? Say carrot, carrot, carrot. Carrot carrot.

You were like cat, uh, carrot. See, now you’re going to be saying it. Did I say it like that? I don’t know. Oh, no. Sometimes I’m a little British, I guess. I don’t know. Sometimes that happens, man. I enjoyed, I enjoyed it. So say water, water, water. Okay. I over enunciate that. I usually just say water. Water. Yeah.

All right. Yeah. So, alright. Yeah, people, everyone always fucks with me on that. Like, I’m not saying it right, but like I hear what, like, I hear what I’m saying. I hear you saying. Yeah, me too. And I think some people are fucking retarded. That’s the problem. Again, again, they, even though they’re fucking more, oh shit.

Fast, dude. That’s all I SPE I love facts. I’m a big fan of facts. If you don’t, you know, like you got it, like, Hey we, yeah. I mean, we all don’t know everything. We can’t know everything, but you know, if you can find some facts hit ’em up because facts don’t lie. That’s right. In fact, you make FERC videos.

Okay. I’ve made like three. Alright. Three too many. No, no, just in my book. Sorry. Huh? Wow. Yeah, no, I have nothing against you. Fart video or people that you know right after this. Oh yeah. Yeah. If you want to make me laugh, what? The fucker, I’m not, I just can’t. I just can’t do a big button choosy. That’s going to fuck it.

Upset me. Like, cause I can’t. Cause then I’m thinking of like, all right, there’s some guidance. There’s some guy jerking off right now to a fucking, some girl to you, farting. What? I don’t get it for him. He likes it, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good for him. It’s just, I don’t know. I just, I just can’t comprehend it.

I’m sure. There’s shit. I do that. Nobody can comprehend, but are you going to do right? What do you do? That no one can have me, him. Uh, what’s some weird stuff that you do, Gary. Tell me right now, some weird shit on your videos. So tell me something about you. Uh, at least weird. I interviewed cam girls. That’s fucking weird apparently to some people.

No, I know some people, some people think that’s weird. Um, definitely you should basically, uh, I used to dress up, uh, in a, uh, a black button up shirt, white suspenders, a white tie and a ski mask and call myself pervert. Pete, wait, slow down. Call yourself what pervert Pete. And I’d go on Omegle and talk to people as pervert Pete in a ski mask, white tie, white suspenders.

They say. Cupboards or people too. That’s why I try again. That was my whole spiel that, you know, I’m my mom named me. Perver Pete, when I was five years old. I’m just trying to make friends. Yeah. That’s how I got that fucking YouTube play button. So this is hilarious. Really? Let’s the suspenders to yeah, man.

People like that shit. That’s how I got that fucking play button up there, you know, to tell me, I know, dude, people are fucking weird. Like I’m serious. I know I was just doing that shit. Just, just like, you know, fuck around. People were like, Aw, like, nah, man, you shouldn’t like this. And these videos available.

Yeah. They’re still around just Google pervert P you’ll now pervert. Anything that has to do with pervert P N. Big cock and his daughter or some shit. That’s not me. That’s some guy that’s before I came. Well, no, my style. I think my stuff still comes up first, but if you Google deep enough, you could you’ll find these books that were written like years before I did Perver P yeah, I wish I knew that I would not did that name because for awhile there, there was, uh, you know, an association that was like, nah, I didn’t write these books.

I swear.

Cause they they’re really bad. Like, you know, I don’t fucking, you know, really bad. Yeah. The night I’m getting sleep with sauce. Cause I’m I know. Yeah. We’re fucking yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. We can check you out on OMG bomb on anything, just Google on G H bomb. I’m sorry. O G H bomb that’s on anything.

Exactly. Exactly. All right. Thanks for doing this. This was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun, man. I had a lot of fun today. All right, I’ll check you later. Bye. Bye .